I think there's a whole other layer to these questions. Can the limited sensory organs of human animals understand this reality in any meaningful way? I not sure we can.

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Jun 18, 2022Liked by TJ Radcliffe

What an excellent article. I certainly found myself in agreement with most of what you said, subject to seeing where this fascinating topic leads. I suppose I'm still stuck in the atheist camp while you are comfortable putting the label "God" on the universe (including the unknowable beyond) and reality that we human experience as existence.

However I spent a life time trying to transliterate other people's religious views into a more metaphorical context to make them palatable. But I finally gave up, leading me to my personal perspective that there is one "God" (at least in the traditional sense that 99% of humanity think of that word in having coopted that word) even as there may exist some unknowable aspects to our universe.

(I of course apologize for any misunderstanding of your views I may have as a first reading. Definitely worthy of a discussion some day.)

So looking forward to where this goes!

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Jun 17, 2022Liked by TJ Radcliffe

Thank you Tom! Another interesting and thought provoking article. A few years ago a friend turned me on to Physicist, David Bohm and his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order. His definition of Wholeness as one whole and unbroken movement I take to mean god (although I don't tend to use that language) and I wonder if an aspect of the god question might come down to whether we think of god as a noun or a verb. Curious to get your take on this.

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Jun 30, 2022Liked by TJ Radcliffe

The idea that "the unknowable beyond is god" and all the ramifications of this idea, has created a place where my curiosity can reside after a lifetime of unexplained discrepancies and confusion growing up as a Catholic in an all Catholic small community. It helps answer my main question over the years which was why after all the church going and prayer did I never experience God’s presence like everyone said I should? With no reasonable answer the to this question I dropped Catholism and yet always remained open and curious about the possibility of God. Maybe you are a prophet Tom :-D

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