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Today is the eve of the Lunar New Year.

This is a pretty intense post. I am not sure I follow all of it. I have no background in nuclear physics that matters here, so it was very hard to understand your example. I think you are talking about how level of measurement connects the concepts of accuracy and robustness. Then you went on to talk about the significance of this for economics and socialism. As much as this is correct, I have trouble with your 4 points of a robust system. In systems composed of human beings, the idea of 'information' is not as clear as it is for machines. There are many kinds of information for humans. Some of these are vague and only understood locally. I frequently talk about the idea of legitimacy. While I agree with you in principle, I am less sure stating principles of robustness in these terms is meaningful for social systems composed of humans. Having said that, I was intrigued by one of your statements about the use of "creativity to see how to meet efficiency targets without sacrificing robustness."

This is one of those posts that I really need to print out and think about every word. Either I forget about doing this, or you post something else before I get around to doing it. Or it might also be one of the posts where I end up thinking you don't realize the brilliance of what you have written - at least from my POV.

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